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From Tangier With Love

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This week has been a very productive one music wise. We’re working on new music I really can’t wait to start sharing with you all! We have so much great news and stuff going on, 2018 is the most exciting year ever for me, for us all in the band and the team! Our recording room is on the second floor of an amazing house in Tangier, Morocco, where we spent so many hours in the past few weeks together. For those of you who have known us for a little while, you know how much music means to us, and how it’s never easy for us to lock the doors, drop down all possible barriers, and share our deepest and secret thoughts with the rest of the band. We hate and always fight against “self-preservation”, as it is the real enemy of the treasure we’re so intensely digging for.

We all gathered here in early January to record new music for the very first time for the past two years, and it’s always a challenge for us. Knowing this is never a natural and easy process for us, we simply decided to take some time together here in Tangier before closing the studio doors and getting to work seriously. We took a few days to walk around town, meet people, share afternoons at the Gran Café de Paris, have long breakfasts on the studio rooftop terrace where we can see the ocean and the coast of Spain, and long conversations around the fireplace ended those lovely fellowship days. It was the first time in Africa, in Morocco and in Tangier, for Miss Isabel and Moose, so those moments were capital and I enjoyed each and every one of them. We laughed, we argued and all of what’s in between, but we realized along the way how much we love and care for each other and wanted to leave Tangier closer as a band and as friends, like we all hoped and dreamed of at some point.

Thanks to the love of Alex’s friends who all welcomed us like family ever since we arrived here in Tangier. It’s through those moments, without really knowing how, that this complicity, this child at heart, and strong desire to love more than anything gave birth to moments like never before. Believe it or not, we’re all excited to get upstairs and start working on our songs, on our music and to allow our free spirits to elevate ourselves above everything we love, we hate, we hope for, we dream of, we’re scared of, to keep our eyes open to what we thought unreachable. We even allowed our friend who owns the house and his girlfriend to come and watch us create and write songs, which truly is a first for us. No one has ever been allowed in the room during this process since it’s already very complicated when we’re only us.

The sun truly is rising and shining over a new season and chapter for us all. Our story has been a crazy one, a hard one, and has always been about the six of us first, never trusting something that comes up easy. I’m now looking at us smiling, eyes closed, living the moment, thinking about nothing else than what’s going on now, fully enjoying what we’ve been praying for a long time! To dedicate your life to your loved ones is the greatest gift of all, and this gift has just started to bear fruits!

This picture was taken at 3am… I had to leave for a Skype meeting at a friend of ours around midnight since his wifi works better than ours at the studio. Once the Skype finished, at 3 am, I texted Alex asking how things were going in the studio, and this was his answer!!!! 🙂

– Jeff


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Miss Isabel invites us to take action, all together, by sending words of hope, love, support, to 100% Mamans Tanger, a Tangerine association that supports women who have been rejected by their families and society alike for being single mothers.

“I am with you”
These simple words mean so much when everyone around is trying to forget you exist.

Here in Tangier, a single mother doesn’t exist. She is forgotten, she lives on the street, her child has no identity so cannot go to school, doesn’t have access to medical care… 100% Mamans is a Tangerine association that decided to step out and support those women, to offer and ensure material & social needs, but also human and relational needs.

If, like I do, you consider that a woman who has a child out of marriage is still entitled to live, to be respected as a human being and that her child can envision a normal future, you can make a difference by taking a simple action: Send us a picture or a word that you’d like for me to share with the single mothers and their children here in Tangier. Your impact will be great, not only for the women and their children, but also for the people working fiercely to help them, providing education, shelter, legal advice. Let them know “I am with you. You are not alone.”

Send your letters by mail:
Association 100% Mamans
Hay Ennasr,
Rue 13, N°53 Tanger

Or send us an email:

It could be yours

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We all felt like Wayne at one point in our life, right?! Jeff’s guitar could become yours, if only you give a try and believe…! This is the contest’s prize on our SFCC fan club this year. You just have to join before April 1 to get a chance to win it! Feeling lucky?!

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From a Stranger to a Friend

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It’s been a few months already that we’re living here in Tangier, Morocco. At first an unknown city, it slowly became home and a place that inspired us to connect like never before in the band, and to write a lot of new songs!

We even started a blog series called “From a Stranger to a Friend”, wishing to share with you all meaningful stories as well as inspiring encounters with the people who make Tangier such a unique place. I realized while looking back that what really brought all of those little stories to life is the curiosity towards differences, this child-at-heart spirit leading to discover who people are, what their dreams are, what music they listen to, what books they read and so on, and all of this without boundaries. The more days we spend on this earth, the harder it gets sometimes to simply keep this human curiosity, this openness and this desire to dig into the heart of not only a city but its people. It’s always a little strange at first, but in the end, it always brings me to realize how much, underneath, we’re all the same… and how much we need one another.

On this International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, I want to be curious and fearless regarding our differences, even though I don’t understand or even agree sometimes. But I’m sure bridges can be built upon one or two things rather than being burned! I even discovered a band called Tinariwen, a Grammy-Award winning group of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali, which I’m actually listening to while writing those few lines! Love is not a destination, but a life-long journey towards endless discoveries of all kinds… As long as we keep walking, our eyes can be open…

From Tangier, Morocco, your friend and brother,

– Jeff

YFE in BRASH! Magazine

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It is such a great honor to see BRASH! Magazine take action with us! We were part of “BRASH! Inspirations” for International Women’s Day! We’re stronger together, so let’s fight the good fight for those who need more than words but real support, love, hope & faith!

Stay tuned as Miss Isabel will soon share an invitation she has on heart for you to be involved as well! 😉

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Chat live with Sef

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We were talking live with Sef regarding the release of the next t-shirt in his Star Wars collection!!! Do you feel it coming?! We can’t wait to know which character will be on his new t-shirt!!! Don’t miss the news about it and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know!

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

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Here is some Irish inspiration on this Saint Patrick’s Day! Guess you’ll know more about him soon… 😉

“Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.”

― W.B. Yeats

Live with Sef

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We can’t wait to share this special time with you all and Sef, live on Your Favorite Enemies’ Facebook! He’ll chat live in the comments and give more details about the next special t-shirt he’ll release in his Star Wars collection! See you at 10am (ET), Sunday, March 18!

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