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“Underneath a Blooming Skylight” on Stingray Music

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Our videoclip for the song “Underneath a Blooming Skylight” is amongst the firsts to see the light in 4K quality on a TV channel!

Thanks to Stingray for spinning our videoclips on different channels already! What an honor to be added to the NOW4K channel.

Want YFE to play on your favorite channels/radios too? Feel free to request our music out there!

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Happy Connect Monday! Rather than Cyber Monday!

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After all those years where you have been part of our daily life through every possible social networks, in concerts & live broadcasts, we wanted to take some time to celebrate the unique spirit that keeps us so close!

So here it is, brand new YFE gift cards for you to make a dear one very happy! Since we know that you, just like us, prefer giving to receiving, right! 🙂

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Welcome to the SFCC community

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We wanted to tell you everything you get when you become a SFCC fan club member, but we ran out of breath. 
So we’ll simply invite you to be part of the moment:

And because a picture is worth a thousand words, this gif should give you a pretty good overview of what’s in it for you!
– A very cool package
– A full access to a unique community 
– Jeff’s talk show, “Both Sides of the Gun”
– Sef’s tutorial section, “Gear Up”
– Alex’s vinyl editorial, “Out for a Spin”
– Exclusive blogs, videos & pictures
– Member discount on the YFE Store
– Monthly newsletter 
– Exclusive contests 
– & more for you to discover!

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I Am Justeen: PLAYLIST #21

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For this new playlist, a band straight out of Montreal, Your Favorite Enemies, kindly volunteered to participate. (Thanks to Juliette for the opportunity). Alex, the band’s singer, shares with us his 5 favorite songs. Fans of Nick Cave, Bauhaus, or Swans, this playlist is for you!


Few bands know how to make me smile in a way that’s sadistic yet blissful as Dead Kennedys can do. From the first quavering chord of “Police Truck”, I immediately remember why I scream in a microphone and why I never did my law classes, to my mom’s disarray. So if you ever find yourself in doubt concerning your scholar/professional path, this song isn’t for you…!


I joined the cult of the Bad Seeds / Grinderman for Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ genius, twisted yet evangelic, and for their common emotional rage, delivered with no compromise through a sensorial whirlwind that’s profoundly heartfelt and painfully felt.


Few bands can boast being able to grasp our heart and soul and subdue spirits like Michael Gira does with Swans. Like shaman masters, they work their way through tensions and abandon, between moments of trance and uplifts. “Glowing Man” is found somewhere between shadows and lights, between madness and rebirth.


Mogwai is without a doubt one of my favorite bands. They have a unique and singular way of touching the invisible through a mixture of emotions that take the colors of nostalgia, hope, melancholy, and sounds that oscillate between fragility and stormy, always reaching the edge of falling or taking flight.


Guilty pleasure during my several rough patches, where I can’t feel any emotions at all. Bauhaus brings my heart numbed by boredom to wake up again through the sonic chaos that is characteristic of life, with its soul awakening, its anxiety, and its quintessential affectionate epiphanies.