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A new step

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Today is a new step into this journey of ours! Ben, Miss Isabel & Moose are joining Alex, Sef and Jeff in Tangier!

Happy New Year!

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Happy new year with love from Montreal and Tangier! Thank you for giving us this place in your life where we share hope, passion, intensity, creativity and art. Here’s to keeping on living this journey with you, to the evidence of things unseen, to the profound heart that leads us to still believe, every day… To a new path to walk on, literally 😉

Happy Boxing Day!

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Christmas Day has gone, leading to a day called Boxing Day in some countries, and here at the YFE HQ, we simply wish for you to get a chance to proudly look back at the festive season as we know you enjoyed it to the fullest! This is the perfect time to think outside the box and let us take care of what’s inside the box!

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Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas to all of you!!! No matter where we are in the world, our age, culture, social background, language, gender, all together let’s celebrate and nourish a joyful heart that may touch people around us, loved ones, family, friends, neighbors…!

From Tangier with love…

Your Favorite Enemies on Canal D

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A documentary featuring Your Favorite Enemies’ leadoff role in vinyl crafting in Canada aired tonight on Canal D, and reruns will air in the next few days! Our love story for vinyls goes beyond Alex’s collection of 1000+ albums… it goes all the way to crafting our own vinyls with the lathe cut technique and printing our own jackets by hand! 

If ever you missed the first broadcast, here are 4 new chances for you to see it this week:
Friday, December 22 at 1pm (ET)
Sunday, December 24 at 9pm (ET)
Monday, December 25 at 1am (ET)
Tuesday, December 26 at 9am (ET)

From Strangers To Friends

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Because human rights are more than a date on a calendar, and that we believe it starts within us and around us, we decided to introduce you to a few people we’ve met since we’re in Tangier, and who make a difference around themselves… 

About the picture of Sef & Rachid:
“Being in the crazy circus of Your Favorite Enemies has brought me to discover so many powerful and beautiful things in life. For me, the most significant journey is outside yourself, where you have the opportunity to connect and bond with people. The man with me on the picture is Rachid. He’s the one taking care of everything related to the house we live in! I’m blessed to be able to connect with this humble and generous heart. And for me, human rights start with this… Differences give us the opportunity to redefine our perspectives and conceptions, to open our eyes to what we can offer to the ones around us!” – Sef

Human Rights Day

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What are human rights to you?

From Strangers To Friends

Ever since we gave birth to Your Favorite Enemies, human rights have always been part of the band’s core values. It has always been a matter of heart, not some “good conscience” promotional campaign. So for us, Human Rights Day doesn’t have much to do with December 10th; it’s a daily invitation to go beyond fear of differences and incomprehensions. Living in Tangier teaches us the importance of those little moments of human wonders, of blessed day-to-day connections. So we decided to present you some of our neighbourhood friends, those with whom we laugh and commune for the pure reasons of a smile and a hug. We believe that human rights start within ourselves…


About the picture: Farid is a greengrocer who lives right in front of our studio. He’s never short of a smile and always laughing, Farid is well known in our neighbourhood for being a man who takes care of others and who offers food to those who can’t afford any. We are proud to be considered Farid’s friends.