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Happy birthday Jeff!

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Let’s raise our glasses to a man of true heart, to Jeff! Often talking about love and greatness, he really nurtures those values in his own life, leading everybody around to follow the same path. When passion is as strong as the one living deep inside of him, there’s no other way than to be touched as well. Life creates life, and Jeff is a great ambassador of this ethos!

From Tangier with Love

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“I am giving an art session for single mothers”, my friend said. I immediately knew I needed to be there.

“100% Mamans” was born of a desire to protect and give a chance to women pregnant outside of marriage. If you are not married and you get pregnant what happens is very simple; you hide the growing belly as long as possible because as soon as your family discovers it, you are pretty sure they will kick you out of the house with nothing. If you are about to deliver your baby, the hospitals might not even look at you. If your baby survives, it will have no official name, so no access to school, to work, to healthcare… that baby doesn’t exist in the system and the mother is a shame.

In the sewing classes, cooking classes, jewelry making classes and art sessions, my eyes saw ladies of different ages, most of them were a little shy but very sweet, welcoming, and most of all doing everything they can to build a future and cast away the fear that is so obvious.

My session with them was very simple, we taught them to fold little paper boats. Their paper boats will become a part of a big sculpture that will be exposed here in Tangier in May. For an hour or so, their minds are away from the tremendous pressure they live to concentrate on one fold at a time.

To be a part… They just have been rejected, first by men who don’t want to take part in their lives and the life of their child, rejected with disdain from their moms, their dads, their brothers and sisters, crossed off from all possibilities to get a job, ejected out in the streets to beg for food or to really become prostitutes… and now, they are invited to be a part of a community that believes they can define their own path and believes they can offer something good to their kids.

I felt I could learn and be inspired by all these women, the ones that are teaming up to offer juridic services, sanitary services, shelter and education, and the women that are taking that decision to live another day against the stream. I am planning on going back to be with them and live something with them. I hope I can bring some joy, but I know I will receive a lesson of courage.

– Miss Isabel

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Out for a Spin

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When Alex is in love, it takes everything from him, and he can not help but to live it to the fullest. What a perfect lover he is! 😉 This week, on our fan club, Alex told us more about one of his first vinyls’ love story, with The Velvet Underground, in his series “Out for a Spin”. Sunday Morning… Today, and a few years ago…

It’s only available on our SFCC fan club. Fall in love as well and join us on the SFCC!

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From Tangier with Love

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A meaningful talk with…

My friend: “You know, I think a society, or a group of people, a family, even a couple, stops evolving and living when you stop talking about problems, issues and challenges. Naming real problems by their real names allows us to discuss about it all together, in order to find solutions, otherwise, we’re creating hopelessness, being the mother of all evil. We should never fear problems, but we should fear when no one wants to talk about real issues! Don’t get me wrong, I really love Tangier and Morocco, but it’s about time we sit down and talk about reality.”

Jeff: “It’s always easy to act as a victim, and to blame others, the system, life and even God for inequalities we often see and witness, not even seeking to understand why this is a reality for some and how we can shape this world differently.”

I have the privilege of enjoying breakfast almost every day with this amazing Moroccan friend of Alex, which I have the privilege of discovering more and more! This is a glimpse of an awesome conversation that lasted more than an hour. Very inspiring moment.

We would like to share more short stories with you based on moments lived with someone in the streets, or within a band conversation, around the table, in a coffee shop, etc. We will do so on a weekly basis and will call those posts “From Tangier With Love”! Being here is a real privilege for us all, and to share it with awesome people like you will simply make those little moments eternal..!

See you next week!

A Season Of Birth And Rebirth

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Those t-shirts have been crafted to celebrate a different concert, a different moment, a different visual, a different meaning, but always with one thing in common: a moment of communion shared with you that will never fade. This is why those t-shirts are so meaningful to wear, maybe you were there at some shows, maybe we missed each other, our rendez-vous may be later or sooner, but through those, we remain one, from everywhere in the world!

Get yours and be part of the moment!

Sef & EarthQuaker Devices

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Special Thanks to EarthQuaker Devices for their partnership! It’s a great pleasure to collaborate with them to give a unique tone to the music we’re crafting in our Moroccan studio!

A Life Motion Worth Celebrating

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Dear brothers, sisters, friends, fans and loved ones,

I hope you are doing wonderful, as we just let go of 2017’s fair share of emotions and presently dwell on the already full-motion stream of the utterly promising 2018. And with the invitation to redefine ourselves that comes with all the passion of such new beginnings, we can envision to unfold life with a renewed faith in the most hopeful of all dreams, one color at the time, one discovery after another, breathing with exaltation and excitement, living in the present tense, knowing that tomorrow will somehow take care of itself, as it always does.

I can say that the last 12 months have made of 2017 quite a mesmerizing and deeply significant year for us all. Us, as a band. Us, as friends. Us, as a family. It has been a seasonal period rich in moments, generous in fulfillments. Both collectively and personally, we discovered, as much as we rediscovered, the meaning of having a joyful “togetherness”, took the time for a simple smile, lost ourselves in communing laughter, contemplated the beautiful grace we have to grow alongside each other still, even when separated for some time – and we’ve been for quite some time.

In fact, maybe that’s why 2017 has been such a significant year for us. Me being away, drifting for a while in order to find a little of what was left of myself, realizing that even if the truth may reside in places we can’t fully comprehend, freedom always blooms from the honesty we have towards ourselves and those we dearly love. We tend to fight our personal shadows with so much alienation that we inevitably become darker than the shadowy companion lights create around us. Our personal pilgrimage might lead us to the end of the world, but it rarely finds us settling down where we initially saw ourselves kneeling at dawn, enlightened in let go, in acknowledgment, in acceptance, maybe… Something far from the fatalism of our covenants, our personal dogmas, evolving certainties and other make-believes.

Therefore, I guess it’s no wonder that I’m presently seated at the very same table where the journey began for me, almost 2 years ago, in Tangier. The very same place where I worked on the band’s latest book project “A Journey Beyond Ourselves”, where I wrote so many songs, but most importantly, where I’ve been able to find peace gazing at the sea from early morning to dusk, from my ever-growing fear of abandonment to the liberating grace of silent introspection, of personal reflection and retrospection. Some talk about emotional cycles, a rebirth of sorts, while others talk about getting back to where your soul belongs, where you’ve been in another life… I don’t know… Maybe it’s as simple as finding a place where you can look at the reflection in the mirror without having to bear the burden of being yourself, the deception of what you became… A place you can call home, be received as whoever you may be in that particular moment in time. I don’t know… Tangier is all that to me… Elusive as honesty, as love, as death and everything in between… The sum of all, or the sum of nothing at all.

And it’s quite significant for me that, adding to the amazement of how unbelievable of a voyage our common life story has been over the past 10 years – and what a crazy decade it was, made of numerous collective miracles, witnessed within ourselves and into others – I had the great privilege of inviting my brothers, my sisters, my friends and fellow life partners to my place, Tangier, where we have the incredible blessing of establishing a recording studio in order to work on sounds, on words, on colors, on images, that we’re all opting to turn into songs, lyrics, paintings and movies in order to discover and rediscover who we are as a band, as friends, as a family… Uplifting pieces of hope we are impatient to share with you all.

So, in that refreshing creative new space of ours, Ben and I, with Sef’s collaboration, gave life to a new musical project that should be released this upcoming spring. It’s something very different from everything we have given life to before, an artistic landscape made of blissful and galvanizing emotions, a conceptual project inspired by the resilience of those who seek, by the solidarity of those who stand with those who kneel, by the triumph of an idea greater than oneself, of pure love born out of desperation. We are very proud of that project and can’t wait for you all to discover its nature.

As for Your Favorite Enemies’ next endeavors, the upcoming few months should be rich in communion, as the 6 of us are now assembled in Tangier until April to explore and experiment together, which has always been our way to firmly resist the temptation of creative convenience and comfort. The only perspective of being reunited here is already magnificently inspiring, to say the least, so we can’t wait to see what will emerge from the blooming sea of our artistic heartfelt revivification.

Impatiently awaiting the moment we will be with you all, we want to wish you a fulfilling and exhilarating new year, knowing we will see you very soon, may it be for a cherishing hug, a mutual smiling instant shared, a concert or a musical type of communal ceremony, or someplace on the road somewhere.

Much love to you all,

Alex, alongside Jeff, Miss Isabel, Ben, Sef and Moose

PS: Make sure to join the band’s fan club (SFCC) for more info on the upcoming projects and our current North African adventure.

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YFE’s role in the return of the vinyl

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Aired for the first time on Canal D in Quebec a few weeks ago, Le retour du vinyle (The return of the vinyl) highlights our DIY spirit by opening the doors of our creative atelier, where we pioneered the craft of lathe cut vinyls and hand-printed jackets. Originally in French, here is the excerpt with subtitles where you can meet Ben, Alex & Jeff! 😉

PS: Want to see the full documentary in French? Here is the full episode (only available in Canada).

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