“A Story About Between Illness and Migration” Storybook

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“A Story About Between Illness and Migration” is a 200+ pages assembled from Alex H. Foster’s personal notes, poetry, journal entries, recording notes and other annotations. It features an exclusive song-by-song interview with Alex, Ben and Sef and includes new and never released before pictures from the studios, behind the scenes from the videoclip productions, it also includes the perspective on the journey of every band member, as well as a short essay by Jeff Beaulieu.

Through images and texts, the book will bring you deep down the intimacy of the album in its most glorious moments and its most challenging hardships. The book invites you to take part in all the different moments that the album is made of, from the HQ, all the way to Australia, going all over Europe, Asia and North America.

A bittersweet, sometimes gut-wrenching, sometimes peaceful life voyage filled with passion and let go, “A Journey Beyond Ourselves” is a look back at these past 5 years that have shaped Your Favorite Enemies as individuals and as a band.

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