The Spirit Of The Song

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in Chaos & Communion

I have had the privilege of being in studio with Your Favorite Enemies since the very beginning they started crafting their upcoming album… As soon as I enter this sacred place, I am then known as “The Ghost”… My role is to not say a word and observe what is happening… I do feel really privileged to be a witness to this incredible moment as it blooms before my eye every day, and I feel even more privileged to be able to share it with you.

One thing that I constantly hear, over and over again in studio, is how important “the spirit of the song” is… It’s not about the sound, not about the notes, it’s about the spirit… Are these notes really conveying what we live through this song? Are they really communicating the feelings we share when we are here in studio?

The number of guitars they own, the numbers of effectors they play with like they were toys, the different amps, the combination they make between all of these… it’s more than arranging sounds… It’s a quest for THAT sound that will communicate what you aren’t able to say with words, that will support the lyrics, that will carry you away… And this is why, for them, every little detail is important… This is why they spend so much time over little things that some of us will never notice in the song, but that still make all the difference… This is why every sound matters…

– Stephanie

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