John Agnello about “Between Illness And Migration”

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in Chaos & Communion

After they finished recording their new album “Between Illness And Migration” in their own church-studio-home, Your Favorite Enemies went to New York City in order to get their album mixed by John Agnello. Being used to do everything by themselves, choosing someone to work with them was a very important matter to them, and their choice was undeniably set on John from the very beginning, as they knew he could bring to their sound those different perspectives, this dynamic that is so important and characteristic of them. There are so many layers of guitars, keyboards and such, and with the songs being journeys in themselves, the adventure proved to be arduous at times! But it was nonetheless an incredible one. In this video, discover John’s perspectives and impressions of the album “Between Illness And Migration”.

– Stephanie

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