A View From Within

Written by Your Favorite Enemies. Posted in Chaos & Communion

“We need to touch something that we never had the guts to touch… We need to get dirty a bit… And the music will do the rest…”

For Your Favorite Enemies, the Studio is that place where everything is possible, where you need to leave everything at the door as you enter, and simply come as you are. This is a place where they are walking on a wire, with no safety net, where they challenge every sound they create and produce… Not so that it is perfect, but so that it is real and genuine.

This is an excerpt of a new song the band is crafting, “A View From Within”, as well as a discussion that followed in studio… A moment that is raw

“And if we have to be dirty and have to incarnate something that is a bit of darkness, let’s do it… Because denying darkness is denying the power of the light”

– Matt “Big Byrd”

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  • Lise Charette


    J’ai adorer votre discution tres profonde et tellement vrai et interressante. Vous faites partis de ces vrais de vrais artistes qui n’ont pas peur de vivre leurs musique et leurs vrai passion! Continuer ont vous adores! x0x0


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