Toronto Rock City

Toronto Rock City

In 2008, Your Favorite Enemies performed at the Canadian Music Week, in Toronto. They traveled by van from Montreal to Toronto, in one of the biggest snowstorms of the year. You can see just how scary it was as we were passing cars and trucks that were lying on the side of the road, upside down… Scary, yes, but it was definitely worth the 6 extra hours spent on the road that day. Yes, you did read this well. It was twice as long to get to Toronto that time…

The show was a pretty intense one, as Alex broke a window at the beginning of the song ”Little Sister”, a song that has always been very intense live! He wasn’t aware of it, the window was painted black and we couldn’t see through it… lol! After the show (or was it a few days after?), after all the emotions had subsided a bit, Miss Isabel asked him what had happened during the show, and what made him throw his mic stand through the window-wall… A testimony of passion that cannot lie, a passion that kept growing and growing over the years…

– Stephanie

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  • Mary


    I was not there during that CMW, but I remember that while watching the video, I could feel the fire burning in me… Alex’s words and his will to be alive showed me how much it was possible to be thirsty for more than what life had offered me so far… or what I had let myself believe… It gave me so much hope for all the “little sisters” out there that are in need of a big brother, big sister, friend, mentor to make them see and believe that they are not victims, but they have the strength of a survivor, an overcomer and the possibility to be an inspiration for other “little sisters” too.


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