Loud Pipes For Easy Riders

Loud Pipes For Easy Riders

105th anniversary of Harley Davidson… Usually, that sounds a little more like a crowd of bikers parading in the streets on their bikes, leather jackets, mirror-like sunglasses and long hair going down from under their helmets! But not in Montreal, not that year… They held a festival where they displayed different bikes from different years, different models… All types of people showed up, a lot of people with long beards and long hair, ready to rock, ready to watch the band on stage… 🙂

Lots of things happened before the band could finally go on stage, and instead of playing 45 minutes like they were supposed to, they ended up having only 20 minutes to play… Kind of short, but everybody enjoyed it!!!!!

Get to see a little bit of their performance, testimonies from the fans who did crazy things to be there with us on that day, and witness the birth of Big Byrd… 😉

Hope you enjoy!!!!!

– Stephanie

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  • Chris


    I remember that during that summer, we had friends from all over the world who came to spend some time at our place. It was the time where everything was a first time (first time at that music festival, frist time seeing Big Byrd)… We were defining what YFE would be all about as we were living it! Who would have known that back then doing a meet & greets with our friends after or before each concert would become a tradition!!

    Moments like this one have crafted who Your Favorite Enemies is all about today and I find it amazing to look back at these memories!!


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