Japan Tour 2008 – May 29th, Nagoya

Japan Tour 2008 – May 29th, Nagoya

We were still high and excited about everything that happened the previous nights at the shows in Osaka and Tokyo. Nagoya was the last “official” show on this short Japanese Tour – we planned to do another show on our own in a small café the day after. That other show at the café wasn’t less important than the others, it’s just that we had arranged it all by ourselves, through friends, in a small venue, where it would be more intimate. So we thought. We never imagined that some people would have to listen from outside the café because it was already was over capacity… lol!

So Nagoya was somewhat the last show of the tour for us. And we were really excited about it… And it was long backstage. It felt like forever. But there were some technical problems, they said. So we needed to postpone the show a little more. The staff was restless. They were running around everywhere. They were screaming. Something was going on, but we didn’t know what. Then a friend and dear brother who was helping us came to us, telling us in a panic that the show was cancelled. But it couldn’t be. We didn’t hear about this at all. Not a word from the promoters or anything. And then they came. The show was really cancelled. It was happening. And there was nothing that we could do.

Well, that wasn’t true. At first, we went to Nori, the promoter, the guy who booked us on the tour, and a very good friend of Alex, and asked him if we could rent the venue. We’ll do the show no matter what. The show is supposed to be cancelled, so the venue is free, so we can actually do this. People are waiting outside. They want music. They want what they came for, why they took days off and paid hotel rooms and train tickets for. And we want to play music. We want to share that communion with them. So let’s do it. Why not? At first, Nori didn’t believe us. But he quickly understood that we were serious about it. He left, came back a few minutes later, with a price to rent the venue for the night. But it was too late. We couldn’t get it. It was past the deadline for “last-minute rental” or something like that. So we said we’d go outside and meet the fans. And then Alex had this crazy idea. We had CDs with us. Boxes full of them. And we had just got some new boxes shipped in that day. Yes, Alex wanted to go outside, and give everybody who was there a CD. And not only that. The band would take the time to sign these CDs, too.

At first, everybody was against it. It was too dangerous. There were too many people. The fans were mad and felt betrayed for waiting so long outside without being able to get in, without knowing what was going on. But Alex insisted. And insisted. And insisted some more. And finally we did it. The band went outside, and they gave away CDs to everyone that was there. Talking with them. Taking their time, making it personal and real every time someone new appeared in front of them. Until nobody was left, but a little crowd who wanted autographs from everyone, or who just wanted to get to know the band better, who didn’t want to let that special moment slip between their fingers.

And then Alex had another idea. We’d go close to the main train station in Nagoya, and we’d play. Just like that, on the corner of the street.

“It’s way beyond the music. And tonight, we’re gonna put that statement to the test. Even without playing, tonight might be the best concert the band will play in Japan.”

– Stephanie

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  • Chris


    No wonder why people feel your heart so much, when you say that you love, you truly mean it! It makes a whole difference in the world!
    I remember how disappointed you were that the show had to be cancelled… But I mean, doing a show in the streets?? I know only a few people who would do that… obviously, I’m talking about you guys!!
    Nothing could have stopped you that night!! This is totally YFE! Bold, determinate and committed for real towards our friends…. It’s a really really great souvenir that you are bringing back with this video!!


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