Japan Tour 2008 – May 26th, Osaka

Japan Tour 2008 – May 26th, Osaka

This video was taken right after the show in Osaka, as the band was having a meet & greet with their Japanese family. It was Alex’s first time playing in Japan, a place that is very very very close to his heart. Alex tells us a little more about the show, about how he felt before getting on stage, and how it was for him to be there in Japan…

And let me tell you, the show was amazing!!!! A really special one… And the response was incredible as well!!! The connection with the fans was a totally new one… It was the first time for us to play in a country were language was such a huge barrier, but we witnessed on that night that it didn’t matter that much… Music speaks louder!

The meet & greet was a few steps away from the venue, in a small café! You can see some fans, friends, family, many of them wearing Sef’s t-shirt… So you can imagine just how happy the guy was in Japan as well… lol!

The band spent hours and hours and hours signing autographs, talking with fans, and they made sure that everyone had exactly what they wanted!!! Thanks to the owner, it was possible to do so… He decided to close much later that he was supposed to (it wasn’t 12:30 when we did the video, but more around 2:00am… lol!)

First show of the tour, we were already all exhausted, but we all were so enthusiastic and excited that I think we didn’t even care about it at one point… 🙂

– Stephanie

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  • Chris


    Honestly, I find it very touching to see this. From an outside point of view, it’s a band spending time with some fans after shows, but in reality, it’s real and honest commitment!! When Alex said ”Everybody knows that Japan means a lot to me… it’s family” we know it’s really true!!

    I wonder what the people would have to say about this moment years later. I am sure that it build the foundations of what YFE and Japan is all about today!! Oh and I would like to see a photo of Alex with these socks he received then!! lol!


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