Japan Tour 2008 – May 24th, Osaka

Ceremony & Jubilation

May 24th, 2008. It was the second day Your Favorite Enemies spent in Japan. They had arrived on the 23rd, spent the night at a hotel with rooms that were the size of a wardrobe in Tokyo after an amazing meet & greet with some of the family in Tokyo. It was the first experience in Japan for everyone except for Alex and I, but no matter, it felt just as amazing as the first time…

The first show was planned for the 26th, in Osaka. So we decided to have a meet & greet with the fans BEFORE the show. It would take place at the Hard Rock Café in Osaka. And I will ALWAYS remember the first time we entered the place. We didn’t know what to expect at all. We didn’t know who would be there or not. We didn’t even know if there would be anyone at all!!!!! We entered the restaurant, the 14 of us (yes, we were 14 on tour back then… lol!), and 2 people came to meet us. “Oh well, it’s not many people, that’s for sure, but we’re going to have an incredible time, a time we’ll all remember for ever, so let’s enjoy it to the fullest, that is why we’re here!” we all thought and said in French… We said hello to them, then the staff came and brought us to a section that was reserved for us. She pointed a few tables, like 4 or 5, and told us we could sit there. Then she made that very large move with her arm, pointing at the other 20 tables around, saying that this whole section was reserved for the band. We looked around. But there was something wrong. The tables were all occupied. They were full. There were people sitting there, eating, drinking and talking. And at this very moment, when confusion was at its highest peak, everybody got up. “Alex! Jeff! YFE!!!!!!!” began to be heard from all over the place.

All these people were waiting for us! We didn’t have any expectations when we got to the Hard Rock Café, but this, let me tell you, surprised all of us!!!!! And we did have an incredible time!!! With the fans, with our family, and with all the staff that was there… They are the people you can see in the video… They even played our album “Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye” all night long, starting right after this video…

More about the Japan tour coming in the next weeks… so stay tuned! You do not wish to miss this!

– Stephanie

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  • Chris


    Has it already been 5 years? I remember that it felt so surreal for us to see what was going on through these ”YFE On The Road” videos! Japan is so different than here and we had seen our buddies in Europe and USA before but, never in Asia!! I was so moved and encouraged by the news that they were sending us and to hear that the people over there were so excited, was making us feel the same!! Looking at this video reminds me that one night where the guys wrote to us saying that they had a visa problem and that they couldn’t come back home! I panicked… lol!! That was just a very typical joke from them, I don’t even know why I got caught… lol!!
    It’s all great memories for me!!


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