Indonesia Tour 2008 – June 4th, Jakarta

Indonesia Tour 2008 – June 4th, Jakarta

The band only had one show set in Jakarta. They headed over there right from Tokyo, after their tour in Japan.

TV interview in the morning, press conference in the afternoon, and TV performance on which they performed ”Open Your Eyes”!!! It was pretty special to be on a TV set where you couldn’t understand a word of what was said. Of course, when they were addressing the band members themselves, they spoke English, but besides that, everything was in Indonesian…! But people seemed to have a very good time! It was also the band’s first live appearance on TV… and people seemed to enjoy it very much, as you’ll see in the video!!!! As we were walking in the streets and shopping in the following days, people would recognize the band, and were all excited to tell us they had seen us on TV… 🙂

And then, radio interview. Just how busy can a day get??? lol! And all of this, before the show itself… 😉

And this is how the tour ended… 🙂

– Stephanie

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  • Chris


    I wish I was there ”live”!! It’s so special to see the band on a TV show set like that!! Sef was there with his manager… lol!! Alex and Miss Isabel kissing the hosts… it’s like ”too much!!” I like it!! It’s so ”us”!

    No matter where we are, different setting, different people, time and context, we’re always the same!! When we fool around and have fun, it’s not for the sake of entertainment… lol! It’s us!! It’s who we are!!

    I love being a part of this family! I am so ready for more of this wildness!! lol!


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