Heavy YFE

Heavy YFE

In 2008, Your Favorite Enemies performed in many festivals, all over Canada and USA! In August, they were at Heavy MTL, in Montreal!!! 

I take pride in saying that I have been to almost all of Your Favorite Enemies’ shows, no matter in what country or on what continent they took place… In fact, there is only one that I have missed since the very beginning of the band. And it’s this one!!!!! But I heard so many stories about it, it’s as if I was there!!! 

It was the first time the band played in front of a more “metal” crowd! They were used to festival, but not this kind… And it caused some malaise on stage, so much so that Ben says he shivers when he thinks about it, no matter how many years have passed (For more details, ask the band members themselves, they’ll know exactly what moment I’m referring to!)

But this show has been an amazing one… The band also had an interview over there with Musique+, which is the Montreal equivalent to MuchMusic or MTV! Jeff and Sef were being interviewed right as the festival was going on, as you can hear in the background!

And the other cool thing, especially for Sef, was that he was able to meet some of his favorite childhood bands!!!! And what a honor it has been for him… You can see that sparkle in his eyes at the beginning of the video, right??? lol! Anthrax, of course, but most importantly, Disturbed!!!!! He even watched Mötley Crüe live sitting on folding chairs with Disturbed’s bassist… Just how much closer can you get, right??? 🙂

But no matter what, there or not, the Heavy MTL is a festival none of us will ever forget, and we’re more than glad to share it with you, 5 years after it happened, in this special celebration… 🙂

– Stephanie

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